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The Mobile Web Transmogrification Portal is the only online simulator that spoofs user agents and allows you to surf the mobile internet from the comfort of your desktop browser.

Benefits of The Transmog:

  1. It's free. Just enter your URL and go.
  2. Test your website designs in a variety of mobile screen sizes
  3. Deliver presentations of your mobile site on a big screen
  4. Refine your mobile device detection process
  5. Debug your mobile sites using Firebug or Chromebug
  6. Subscription option: Embed the simulator on your own page

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Embed the Transmog

The Transmog subscription service allows you to embed the simulator into your own website. This means you can:

  • Lose the adverts
  • Showcase your mobile designs on your portfolio website
  • Use the simulator as part of a marketing campaign to prospective clients
  • Make presentations to clients using your own company's domain
  • Debug your mobile sites using Firebug or Chromebug


The Transmog can render mobile webpages more accurately than any other web-based simulator. It simulates a touchscreen interface and sends requests with your chosen user agent.

Your site is displayed accurately without iframe scrollbars that render other online simulators useless. Because it works in your normal browser, you can still use Firebug or Chromebug for debugging and running test your mobile site. More info for mobile web developers.

"Fiiiiinally found an online iphone emulator that decently spoofs the iphone user agent! Thank you!" - @vgeckler

"This works like a charm!" - CMO, Aritaur Communications

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