Embed an iPhone simulator on your website

Why embed a smartphone emulator?

  • Showcase your mobile designs on your portfolio website
  • Use as part of a marketing campaign to prospective clients
  • Make presentations to clients using your own company's domain
  • Be able to debug your mobile sites using Firebug or Chromebug

The Transmog simulator can accurately render mobile websites within a desktop browser. This includes making requests with an iPhone user agent and handling viewport meta tags.

How do I use this for marketing?

It is possible to dynamically load a mobile website into the simulator through the page URL. This could be part of a targeted email campaign that links potential clients to a simulation of their website in a mobile device.

How do I add the simulator to my site?

It takes less than a minute to install and configure. It's as simple as copy and paste.

What configuration options are there?

  • skin - The options are currently iphone3 or iphone4.
  • display_url - The options are true or false to show or hide the URL field that allows your visitors to browse other mobile pages.
  • background_color - The background color to the iframe window.
  • text_color - Text in the iframe will appear in this color.
  • scrollbar_color - The handle of the scroll bar will appear in this color.
  • branding - Remove the link to transmog.net.

Please refer to the set up instructions for more information.

How much?

Sign up today and enjoy a free trial - try before you buy.

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Happy customers

See an example of the simulator in action on these customer websites.