How has The Transmog changed your life?

"I changed from my usual washing powder to The Transmog and I'll never change back. My husband's work clothes are whiter than white, and I am so happy. Thanks, Transmog!"

Like?   (6) Mrs Fifties Throwback, London  

"The first time I used The Mobile Web Transmogrification Portal, I fell in love. We are now married with 3 beautiful Transmog children and I have never been happier"

Like?   (6) Mr Smith, New York  

"At first I was suspicious. The word 'transmogrification' doesn't even make sense in this context. But then I realised that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Thank you for a life-changing epiphany, Transmog. Will recommend to friends."

Like?   (8) Mr Nietzsche, late 19th-century Germany  

"I started using the Transmog to check my designs and instantly won a million on the lottery! Coincidence? I think not."

Like?   (9) Mr Madeupname, Tokyo