1. Mary Katherine Powers for The New York Times
  2. Not the Knicks
    New to U.S., Sisters Help School Return to Dominance in a Flash

    Thanks to two sisters from Mexico, the tradition-rich Levelland High School girls’ basketball team, which has not won a Texas state title since 1997, is an up-tempo, high-scoring contender.

  3. Adding Innovations, the Pro Bowl is Trying to Be Relevant. Stop Laughing.

    The N.F.L. has come up with changes to the format of the Pro Bowl to keep fans interested in a game that has been akin to a pickup game.

  4. Eugenie Bouchard Earns an Unsatisfying Victory

    Bouchard was headed to the quarterfinals at the Australian Open, but a lapse during her three-set victory had her looking for ways to improve.

  5. On College Basketball
    As a Measure of Coaching Success, 1,000 Is Just One Number

    During his long coaching career, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski has impressed many people — including Harry Statham, the career leader in coaching victories for a four-year men’s college basketball program.

  6. The Upshot
    Before the Bowl Was Super

    The first A.F.L.-N.F.L. showdown didn’t sell out, and the Packers won in a rout — much to Vince Lombardi’s relief.

  7. Crystal Bowl 2015
  8. Keeping Score: For N.B.A. Teams, Nonentities on Offense Can Fill Important Roles
  9. Hornets 76, Knicks 71: Carmelo Anthony Is Out, and the Knicks’ Winning Streak Is Over
  10. N.B.A. Roundup: Bucks Get 3-Pointers to Fall as They Outpace the Pistons
  11. A Coming of Age Plays Out on the Court
  12. After Being Told How Good She Can Be, an American Wins on a Big Stage
  13. On Tennis: A Shadow of His Old Self? For Roger Federer, Maybe Not Yet
  14. Footballs Fair Game at Bill Belichick’s Practices
  15. N.F.L. Roundup: Belichick Offers Details on Footballs and Again Denies Wrongdoing
  16. In Rain and Snow, It’s Clear That Patriots Are a Good Bet
  17. Gamesmanship vs. Cheating
  18. Minor League Affiliate Steeps Players in the Ways of the Islanders
  19. N.H.L. Roundup: All-Stars, and One 7-Year-Old Fan, Show Off Their Skills on the Ice
  20. Roundup: Kansas Overcomes Texas’ Size; Texas Tech Gets First Conference Win in a Big Upset
  21. The Upshot: Champions League: How to Solve the Seeding Problem
  22. The Upshot: The $210 Million Baseball Contract That Explains How Inflation Works
  23. Roundup: Chelsea and Other Giants Ousted in F.A. Cup
  24. Roundup: Wagner, Bouncing Back From 2014 Disappointment, Sets Records to Win U.S. Title
  25. Sports Briefing | Baseball: Ex-Pitcher Charged With Fraud
  26. Grace Wins Qatar Masters by 1 Stroke
  27. Matt Kuchar Stumbles and Gives Away Humana Challenge Lead
  28. Adaptability Aids in a Driver’s Evolution
  29. Sports Briefing | Pro Football: Future of Deion Sanders’s School Is Weighed
  30. Sports Briefing | Yacht Racing: Chinese Team Nearing a First
  31. Sports Briefing | College Football: Abdullah Leads North in Senior Bowl
  32. Ernie Banks, the Eternally Hopeful Mr. Cub, Dies at 83
  33. In Winter, It’s Time for a Stoppage
  34. Sports of The Times: Booted by Patriots, Pete Carroll Has Chance to Strike Back
  35. Tommy Mason, First Player to Be Drafted by Vikings, Dies at 75
  36. Inbox: Letters to the Editor
  37. 25 Years Later, McEnroe Reflects on an Ejection (He Can Be Serious)
  38. Sports of The Times: Nope. No Idea. Not Me. Next.
  39. A Nomad in the N.B.A. Is a Knick ... for Now
  40. Knocked for Risks, League Plays Defense
  41. On Baseball: Baseball Lifer Leaves Office, but Not the Game
  42. A Seamstress Who Handed Off to the N.F.L. for 48 Years
  43. In Spectacle of Biggest Stars, a Modest Center Stands Out
  44. Looking Ahead to 2015 in Sports

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