1. Op-Ed Contributors
    Censorship in Your Doctor’s Office

    9:46 PM ETFlorida puts gun rights above the right to free speech.

  2. Editorial
    Growth Without Jobs

    10:06 PM ETThe G.D.P. may be up, but what the country really needs, as President Obama said, is more jobs.

  3. Gail Collins
    Congress: The Road to Roads

    9:28 PM ETAnd you thought the current Congress never got any work done. Well, how about that Highway Trust Fund fix?

  4. Joe Nocera
    Sympathy for the Devil

    9:32 PM ETShould we care if a big corporation that did an awful thing is being hosed?

  5. Doug Glanville
    Head for Home

    9:23 PM ETNot every ballplayer is Derek Jeter. When you stay in one city for most of your career but then elect to leave, that is seen as a kind of treason.

  6. Op-Ed Contributors
    A Creole Solution for Haiti’s Woes

    9:37 PM ETChildren should learn in the language they speak at home, not French.

  7. Editorial
    Congress, Unhinged on Immigration

    10:25 PM ETThe two days of legislative dysfunction over a bill to address the border crisis was remarkable even for congressional Republicans.

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