1. Germanwings Crash Exposes History of Denial on Risk of Pilot Suicide

    Investigations have exposed a series of failures and weaknesses throughout the airline industry in dealing with mental illness among pilots.

  2. Sale of U.S. Arms Fuels the Wars of Arab States

    A de facto alliance in the region against Iran has opened the way to more sales to Arab states, and raised fears of an arms race.

  3. Afghan President Blames ISIS for a Bombing

    If the Islamic State’s role in a suicide bombing that killed 35 civilians on Saturday is confirmed, the attack would be a major escalation of the group’s activities in Afghanistan.

  4. Italy Searches for 700 Migrants Lost at Sea North of Libya

    5:11 AM ETEmergency services mounted a major search-and-rescue operation north of Libya after a ship containing hundreds of migrants trying to reach Italy capsized in the Mediterranean.

  5. At Republican Gathering, All Talk Is of Hillary Clinton (None of It Is Good)

    During a gathering in New Hampshire, an energized, confident bench of 19 Republicans took turns taking apart Hillary Rodham Clinton or competing with her on policy ideas.

  6. First Draft
    At Candidate Forum, Walker Discusses Same-Sex Marriage of a Relative

    Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a likely Republican presidential candidate, addressed an issue on Saturday night that has been roiling his party in recent years: gay marriage.

  7. China Cracks Down on the ‘Sport for Millionaires’

    President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption has a new target: the popular capitalist pastime of golf, derided by Mao as a rich man’s game.

  8. Pursuits
    Sweet and Salty: Majorca’s Traditional Cuisine

    The beauty of the island is matched only by the variety and abundance it produces, from oranges, to olives, to wine.

  9. Google’s Steely Foe in Europe

    The European Union’s commissioner for competition has a reputation for being tough, but she says it’s her responsibility to make sure that competition is fair and open.

  10. Dances of India, Rich in Breadth and Addressing the Sublime

    The Times’s chief dance critic reflects on how the varied dance forms of India have extended his idea of dance itself, what it can be and signify.

  11. BuzzFeed Says Posts Were Deleted Because of Advertising Pressure

    At least three posts out of more than 1,000 were erased after employees from the company’s business side complained about their content, according to a memo from BuzzFeed’s editor.

  12. South Korea Police Clash With Protesters Over Ferry Disaster

    Thousands of protesters confronted officers in Seoul who blocked their way to the presidential palace, where they had hoped to press for more government action in response to the Sewol ferry disaster that claimed more than 300 lives.

  13. Israel and Palestinians Reach Tax Deal

    Resolving a monthslong dispute, Israel will release $470 million in taxes collected on behalf of the Palestinians, after deductions for Palestinian debts.

  14. One Killed in Kashmir Valley Protest

    The young man was killed on Saturday when police and security forces fired on stone-throwing protesters in the western part of the Kashmir Valley, the police said.

  15. Stanislav Gross, Czech Leader Who Erred on Iraq Link to 9/11, Dies at 45

    A claim by Mr. Gross was the basis of the so-called Prague connection, an unsubstantiated allegation that linked the Sept. 11 attackers to Saddam Hussein’s regime, bolstering the case for invading Iraq.

  16. Kabul Journal
    At Afghan Weddings, His Side, Her Side and 600 Strangers

    Strangers seeking banquet fare arrive in droves as many seem to know this saying: “With a wedding every night, there is no need to go hungry.”

  17. With Rembrandt, the Selfie Takes On New Meaning

    Portraits and self portraits made by the artist offer an insight into how we look at ourselves.

  18. Lawsuit in Spain Seeks Recognition of Another Dalí Creation: A Daughter

    A lawsuit filed in March by Pilar Abel, a tarot card reader, claims that her mother had a “clandestine love affair” with the painter in the 1950s.

  19. ‘Telephone: An International Arts Experiment’ by Nathan Langston

    The project asked artists to look at a work, create a response to it, then pass it on.

  20. ‘The Fall of the Ottomans,’ by Eugene Rogan

    Taking on Britain and Russia led to the collapse of Ottoman rule, and its consequences.

  21. This Life
    Hey, Kids, Look at Me When We’re Talking

    The strain of getting young people to turn from their screens and look into other people’s eyes.

  22. Technophoria
    Technology That Prods You to Take Action, Not Just Collect Data

    New self-monitoring devices are more about behavior change than data-gathering.

  23. 36 Hours
    What to Do on the Left Bank, Paris

    The Right Bank may be more international and trendy, but sometimes you want to pretend you’re inside a black-and-white Robert Doisneau photo.


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