1. Turkey’s Focus on Crushing Kurd Extremists Complicates ISIS Efforts

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ramped up tensions with Kurdish militants, saying he cannot continue a two-year-old peace process with them.

  2. Report Cites Possible War Crimes in Israeli Hunt for Ambushed Soldier

    4:01 AM ETAmnesty International’s inquiry reconstructs a 2014 episode in the Gaza Strip, now called Black Friday, which continues to cause international ripples a year later.

  3. Under Oath, Donald Trump Shows His Raw Side

    Hundreds of pages of sworn testimony by Donald J. Trump over the past decade paint an unvarnished image of Mr. Trump as prone to overstatement and the occasional boorish outburst.

  4. Prison Worker Who Aided Escape Tells of Sex, Saw Blades and Deception

    Joyce E. Mitchell detailed to investigators how she helped convicted killers Richard W. Matt and David Sweat break out of a New York prison.

  5. How Germany Prevailed in the Greek Bailout

    4:00 AM ETGermany’s patience and brinkmanship, while exploiting mistakes made by the Athens government under Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, led the way to a Berlin consensus.

  6. Sports of The Times
    Tom Brady Hands Off the Dirty Work

    Insisting he was innocent, the Patriots quarterback had an underling destroy potentially damaging evidence: his cellphone and 10,000 text messages, the league said.

  7. N.F.L. Upholds Tom Brady’s Ban; Cellphone’s Fate Helped Make the Call

    N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the four-game suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his role in the deflation of footballs used in the A.F.C. championship game.

  8. interactiveInteractive Feature
    How Would You Destroy Your Cellphone?

    You’re Tom Brady. You have potentially incriminating text messages. Quick — how do you destroy your cellphone in a way that effectively obliterates all the text messages?

  9. American Hunter Killed Cecil, Beloved Lion That Was Lured Out of Its Sanctuary

    A dentist from Minnesota killed Cecil, a lion who was a favorite among visitors at a national park in Zimbabwe, after the animal was lured out of the sanctuary, the authorities say.

  10. The Outlaw Ocean
    A Renegade Trawler, Hunted for 10,000 Miles by Vigilantes

    For 110 days and across two seas and three oceans, crews stalked a fugitive fishing ship considered the world’s most notorious poacher.

  11. Barclays Pledges to Accelerate Overhaul as Profit Rises in 2nd Quarter

    4:15 AM ETJohn McFarlane, the British bank’s new chairman, said the lender needed to deliver better returns for shareholders.

  12. Jonathan Pollard, Spy for Israel, to Be Released on Parole

    Mr. Pollard, an American convicted of spying for Israel, will be released in November after serving 30 years, a government panel decided on Tuesday.

  13. In Iran, Jason Rezaian’s Reporting Strengths Led to Suspicion, Then Detention

    The Washington Post correspondent, who is accused of espionage, may have aroused suspicion by gaining strong connections to Iranian sources, his friends and colleagues say.

  14. ‘Nobody Should Be President for Life,’ Obama Tells Africa

    President Obama took on one of the region’s most enduring obstacles to democratic progress: its history of one-man rule by leaders who enrich themselves and hang onto power.

  15. Taliban Make Gains Across 3 Provinces in Afghanistan

    Over 100 police officers and other security personnel in the north have surrendered to the militants in the campaign, and scores of others have retreated.

  16. Gadgetwise
    Meet Windows 10, a Throwback With Upgrades in Software and Security

    The Start button is back, in a more modern fashion, and the tablet mode, while perhaps intimidating for longtime Windows users, has familiar touches.

  17. Many in Boston Feel Relief as Olympic Bid Ends, but Others See a Stagnant City

    The elimination of Boston’s 2024 Summer Games bid left residents reflecting on whether the city was too small-minded or too smart to be taken in by promises of Olympic riches.

  18. As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change

    Schools that offer accelerated training in digital skills are drawing more and more “career changers,” and graduates can make six-figure base salaries.


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