1. Russia to Start Drills, Warning Ukraine Over Mobilization

    Russia announced military exercises along the border with Ukraine on Thursday, prompting a warning from Secretary of State John Kerry that Moscow would face additional sanctions if it does not act to ease tensions.

  2. Lobbying Efforts Intensify After F.C.C. Tries 3rd Time on Net Neutrality

    9:29 PM ETThe sparring will be closely watched by every company that depends, even peripherally, on the Internet — which is to say, just about every company.

  3. Memo From Damascus
    If Assad Wins War, Challenge From His Own Sect May Follow

    8:12 PM ETSome loyalists of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria would be likely to push for a bigger share of power if they came to feel safe from the threat of insurgent revenge.

  4. Prosecutors Cite Stowage and Design in Korean Disaster

    Prosecutors officially attributed the sinking of a South Korean ferry to an improper stowage of cargo and a loss of stability caused by a change in the vessel’s design.

  5. Obama Suffers Setbacks in Japan and the Mideast

    While offering security assurances to Japan, President Obama did not take sides over who has sovereignty over islands that are also claimed by China.

  6. Pakistan, Ending Its Observance of Cease-Fire, Launches Airstrikes Against Taliban
  7. Digital Mapping May Be Nokia’s Hidden Jewel
  8. Climbers Leave Everest Amid Regrets and Tensions Among Sherpas
  9. Sinosphere Blog: June 4th Museum Set to Open in Hong Kong
  10. Spirits of The Times: Bourbon’s Masters of the Craft
  11. Pairings: Bourbon’s Affinity for Ginger


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