1. Day of Reckoning for Greek Banks and Eurozone’s Central Banker

    12:50 AM ETUnless the European Central Bank decides Greece’s banks deserve further support, they will probably collapse, taking the nation’s economy with them.

  2. Bailout Referendum Lays Bare Deep Schisms Among Beleaguered Greeks

    While nobody knows what the vote’s outcome will bring, one thing is certain: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s gambit has deepened rifts.

  3. interactiveMultimedia Feature
    Greece’s Debt Crisis Explained

    The weak link in the 19-nation eurozone is struggling to tame its debt. On Tuesday, Greece missed an important payment to the International Monetary Fund.

  4. Pope Francis’ Visit to Latin America Will Test His Ability to Keep Catholics in the Fold

    The pontiff’s roots in Argentina and his championing of the poor are considered vital to stemming the decline of the church’s vast base in the region.

  5. U.N. Nuclear Chief Is Optimistic About Iranian Cooperation on Review

    Completing an assessment on Iran’s suspected past nuclear work by December might help speed up lifting of sanctions, and remove a major hurdle in the talks.

  6. Paris’s Voiceless Find a Megaphone Online

    Self-described citizen journalism, the Bondy Blog provides a platform to those in the city’s impoverished suburbs, regularly reporting on politics and social issues of the area.

  7. Dominican Plan to Expel Haitians Tests Close Ties

    Many in the Dominican Republic favor being part of a trend of tightening immigration. But for some, it means facing some difficult choices.

  8. Shinzo Abe Faces Growing Wrath of Okinawans Over U.S. Base

    The Japanese prime minister’s determination to push ahead with plans to build a new airfield is emerging as one of his first big political challenges.

  9. Facing a Selfie Election, Hopefuls Grin and Bear It

    Who wants their babies kissed or their yard signs autographed anymore? Presidential candidates now have no choice but to submit to smartphone-wielding crowds.

  10. China Moves to Stabilize Stock Markets; Initial Offerings Halted

    The country’s biggest brokerage firms unveiled a government-backed plan to buy shares, while its stock exchanges suspended all further initial public offerings of stock.

  11. Argentine Judges Allowed to Resign After Child Abuse Ruling

    11:32 PM ETThe two judges had cut a convicted child abuser’s sentence in half because they claimed the 6-year-old victim had displayed homosexual tendencies.

  12. Murder Complaints Filed Against Ferry Crew in Philippines

    The police in a central Philippine city filed murder complaints against the owner and the crew of a ferry that capsized, leaving more than 50 people dead.

  13. U.S. Soldiers Used ‘Restraint’ in Kabul Confrontation, Inquiry Finds

    The investigation examined a violent confrontation between Afghan residents and United States soldiers after a Taliban bomb ripped through a heavily armored convoy of troops in Kabul.

  14. Chile 0 (4), Argentina 0 (1)
    Chile Wins Its First Copa América Title After Shootout

    Chile defeated Argentina, 4-1, in a shootout after a 0-0 draw in the Copa América final, capturing its first major title and securing a spot in the Confederations Cup.

  15. Japan Cuts Film Festival at Japan Society Emphasizes the Eccentric

    The event, now a stand-alone program at Japan Society, is the largest festival of Japanese films in the United States.

  16. Tide Suddenly Turns Against Second-Seeded Petra Kvitova

    What looked like a routine stroll for Kvitova to her 10th consecutive victory at Wimbledon was derailed in a 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 defeat by Jelena Jankovic of Serbia, the No. 28 seed.


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