1. As Ukraine Forces Make Headway, Russia Is Said to Step Up Role

    Russia has unleashed artillery attacks on Ukrainian positions and amassed heavy weapons at the border, Ukrainian and American officials say.

  2. Huge Protests in West Bank Over Israeli Offensive in Gaza

    Five Palestinians were killed in clashes in the West Bank on a planned “day of rage” over the war in Gaza, where more than 800 people have died.

  3. Kerry Vows to Continue Push for Gaza Cease-Fire

    4:57 PM ETSecretary of State John Kerry planned to fly to Paris on Friday night to continue his diplomatic push for a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas

  4. Obama Urges 3 Leaders to Slow Wave of Migrants

    President Obama met with Central American presidents as he grapples with Congress for more money and resources along the U.S. border with Mexico.

  5. French Soldiers Reach Air Algérie Crash Site

    French officials ruled out a ground strike, a black box was found at the scene of the crash and the French president confirmed there were no survivors.

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  10. Start-Ups in India Streamline Auto-Rickshaw Business
  11. Formula One Racing’s Future Gets a Head Start
  12. Russia Sues McDonald’s, Questioning Quality of the Food
  13. Indian Air Force Helicopter Crashes, Killing 7
  14. Son of South Korean Ferry Owner Is Arrested
  15. China Plans Extension of Railroad to India Through Tibet
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