1. ISIS Makes Gains in Syria Territory Bombed by Russia

    The group took six villages near Aleppo and threatened to cut off an important route north to the Turkish border.

  2. 4 U.S. Military Efforts on ISIS and Syria Yield Mixed Results

    The Obama administration’s announcement on Friday that it had halted a program to train and equip Syrian fighters reflected the complications in the region.

  3. Obama Administration Ends Effort to Train Syrians to Combat ISIS

    The effort to build a rebel force against the Islamic State failed in part because many rebels focused on a campaign against President Bashar al-Assad, officials said.

  4. Israeli Soldiers Kill 6 Palestinians in Gaza as West Bank Unrest Grows

    The Israeli and Palestinian leaders are both facing a spiraling situation that is testing their ability to maintain control of restive constituencies.

  5. Bao Zhuoxuan, Son of Detained Rights Lawyer, Is Said to Disappear in Myanmar

    Mr. Bao, the son of Wang Yu, a lawyer who was detained in Beijing in July, was taken from a guesthouse in Mong La, a rights campaigner said.

  6. Obama Consoles Families in Oregon Amid 2 More Campus Shootings

    President Obama in Roseburg said, “At some point, we’re going to have to come together” to figure out how to prevent such tragedies from occurring so frequently.

  7. Campus Shootings in Texas and Arizona Kill 2 Students and Wound 4

    Unlike other mass shootings on schools in recent years, the two on Friday were not so-called active-shooter episodes, but instead appeared to stem from ordinary disputes that quickly turned violent.

  8. Your Saturday Mini Crossword

    Solve a bite-size crossword in just a few minutes.

  9. The Saturday Profile
    London Police ‘Super Recognizer’ Walks Beat With a Facebook of the Mind

    Constable Gary Collins is part of a team of officers whose prowess at recalling and matching faces far surpasses the abilities of most others.

  10. Javier Hernández’s Spirits Rise, as Mexico Prepares to Face U.S.

    Hernández, known as Chicharito, feels renewed optimism after his transfer to Bayer Leverkusen from Manchester United, and he will be part of Mexico’s attack in Saturday’s Concacaf playoff match.

  11. Fox Video Featuring Donald Trump Angers United States Soccer Fans

    Fox Sports 1’s marketing of a Mexico-United States game caused a stir on Friday with a commercial using comments made by Donald J. Trump.

  12. Desperate Families in Delhi as Dengue Overwhelms Hospitals

    An overburdened public system has struggled with what seems to be the worst dengue outbreak since 2006, with over 9,000 registered cases and 30 deaths this season.

  13. Beyond VW Scandal: Home Appliance Industry No Stranger to Tricks

    VW’s cheating scandal is a reminder that manufacturers of appliances and electronics have gone down a similar path before, only to have standards tightened.

  14. State of the Art
    In ‘Steve Jobs,’ Tolerating Tech’s Unpleasant Visionaries

    The new movie about the Apple co-founder suggests that the future envisioned by the tech industry’s leaders is worth putting up with them.

  15. Review: ‘Steve Jobs,’ Apple’s Visionary C.E.O. Dissected

    The movie burnishes the image of Apple’s co-founder even as it tries to peek behind the curtain at the gimcrack machinery of omnipotence.

  16. C.I.A. Believed Pinochet Ordered 1976 Assassination in U.S., Memo Reveals

    A secret 1987 memorandum, declassified this week, reveals the C.I.A. had “convincing evidence” that Chile’s president, Gen. Augusto Pinochet, ordered the killing of a former ambassador in Washington.

  17. Coca-Cola Bottler Wins Labor Suit in Spain

    One of the main European bottlers of the soda can proceed with a plan to downsize, ending a tense legal dispute over a shuttered bottling plant.

  18. Italy Sends Eritreans to Sweden as E.U. Migrant Relocations Begin

    The program is meant to move 160,000 asylum seekers now sheltering in Greece and Italy to other European countries over the next two years.

  19. Ronda Rousey’s Next Fight: Body Image in Hollywood

    The undefeated mixed martial arts fighter wants to both fill and break the mold that the entertainment industry has for women.

  20. 8 Hidden Tropical Island Resorts to Explore

    A little outside the more popular destinations, these new or newly improved resorts in the Caribbean and Latin America can provide privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery.


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