1. On Road to Scotland’s Referendum, Big Gambles and Fateful Steps

    6:26 PM ETIn the mid-1990s one in four Scots voted for the nationalists, compared with more than 40 percent who supported Labour. Today the referendum on independence is too close to call.

  2. As Votes Are Tallied, Scotland Awaits Word on Independence

    About 4.3 million registered voters will decide today whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or become an independent nation.

  3. The Scottish Independence Referendum: Live Updates on the Vote

    Dispatches from New York Times reporters in Britain, with social media reports and observations from journalists, activists, voters and bloggers.

  1. Senate Approves ISIS Bill, Avoiding Bigger War Debate

    6:37 PM ETAfter approving aid for Syrian rebels, senators left for the fall campaign, leaving a broader debate on the extent of American military action for another day.

  2. ISIS Vote Weighs Heavily on Senators With 2016 Ambitions

    The Senate vote Thursday on arming Syrian rebels will be a display of how hard-learned lessons from past presidential campaigns are at work.

  3. ISIS Uses British Hostage, John Cantlie, to Spread Militant Group’s Message

    The Islamic State released a new message with a British hostage, John Cantlie, warning the West against another war.

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  5. DealBook: Alibaba Raises $21.8 Billion in Initial Public Offering
  6. Royal and Ancient Golf Club Votes to Admit Women
  7. Ukraine Leader Urges Congress to Arm His Soldiers Against Russia
  8. Modi Pushes Xi to Resolve Border Issue in Kashmir
  9. Pakistani Scholar Accused of Blasphemy Is Shot Dead
  10. U.S. Lays Out Strategy to Combat Crisis of Antibiotic Resistance
  11. Larry Ellison Stepping Down as Chief of Oracle
  12. Fashion Review: Blue, Blue, the World Is Blue
  13. Fashion Review: A Different Declaration of Independence
  14. Sicilian Town on Migrants’ Route Cares for the Living and the Dead
  15. Art Review: Forever Wild at Heart
  16. Nijmegen Journal: A Dutch Town Honors U.S. Soldiers’ Wartime Bravery at Germany’s Edge
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