1. Afghans Form Militias and Call on Warlords to Battle Taliban

    The Afghan army is struggling to ward off Taliban offensives, stoking anxieties of factional rivalries in a nation still haunted by a civil war.

  2. U.S. Defense Secretary Blames Iraqi Forces for ISIS Victory in Ramadi

    In some of the administration’s strongest remarks yet, Ashton B. Carter said Iraqi troops “failed to fight,” blaming them for a retreat that led to the fall of Ramadi to the Islamic State.

  3. Poland’s President Concedes Defeat to Right-Wing Challenger Andrzej Duda

    Andrzej Duda apparently has beaten the incumbent, Bronislaw Komorowski, and the party that has led during eight years of stability and prosperity.

  4. Reporter's Notebook
    Uncertainty and Helplessness Become a Way of Life in Nepal

    After the magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck on April 25, life for the people of Kathmandu has become one of nervous hyper-vigilance over when the next one might hit.

  5. Catholic Church Ponders Future After Same-Sex Marriage Vote in Ireland

    The campaign by activist groups seemed as much about putting behind a past entrenched in theocracy and tradition as it was about same-sex marriage.

  6. The Heat Is on Greece’s Alexis Tsipras, From Inside and Out

    A leftist faction in Mr. Tsipras’ party demanding a harder line in debt negotiations was narrowly defeated in committee vote.

  7. Political Economy
    Key to a Greek Deal Lies With the People

    Unless Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calls a new election, it will be hard for Greece's creditors to trust anything he promises.

  8. French Open
    In Two Losses, Sweden Discerns a Glimmer of Renewed Glory

    Two players from Sweden lost their opening-round matches at the French Open, but it had been four years since Sweden had had a man in the main draw.

  9. John F. Nash Jr., Math Genius Defined by a ‘Beautiful Mind,’ Dies at 86

    The narrative of Dr. Nash’s brilliant rise, the lost years of severe mental illness, and the eventual awarding of a Nobel Prize captured the public mind.

  10. In Busy Silicon Valley, Protein Powder Is in Demand

    Protein-packed drinkable meals come in powder form, are inexpensive, and are quick and easy to make so tech workers don’t actually have to eat.

  11. Ex-Israeli Premier Olmert Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison

    2:36 AM ETFormer Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been sentenced to eight months in prison for unlawfully accepting money from a U.S. supporter.

  12. Malaysia Finds Graves of Suspected Trafficking Victims

    1:45 AM ETMalaysian authorities say they have discovered 139 suspected graves in a series of abandoned camps used by human traffickers on the border with Thailand where Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar have been held.

  13. Ruling Party Loses Hold as Leftists Surge in Spain

    While the Popular Party won the most votes, according to preliminary results, it was set to lose its parliamentary majorities in most, if not all, of the country’s provinces.

  14. Obama Weighs Strategy as Data Laws Run Out

    The Obama administration is reconsidering its counterterrorism initiatives as three laws that allow for surveillance of citizens and suspected terrorists are set to expire in June.

  15. Amazon to Stop Funneling European Sales Through Low-Tax Haven

    Pressure is mounting for American tech companies, including Google, to stop using complex tax structures and pay more on their European operations.

  16. Peace Activists Cross Demilitarized Zone Separating Koreas

    Gloria Steinem was among a group of 30 female peace activists who crossed by bus on Sunday from North Korea to South Korea, calling for an end to unresolved hostility.

  17. Cancer Survivor Helps Newcastle Survive Relegation Threat

    Jonás Gutiérrez, a cancer survivor, helped Newcastle United survive in the Premier League for another season on Sunday.

  18. Before a Soldier’s Rest, a Panoply of Details

    The most solemn sentiments of the Memorial Day holiday have long been infused in the work done at Arlington National Cemetery throughout the year.


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