1. 72-Hour Cease-Fire Announced in Gaza Conflict as Talks Are Set

    The United States and the United Nations announced the pause early Friday, a diplomatic bolt-from-the-blue that will set the stage for arduous negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

  2. School Shelters Offer Limited Safety, and Even Less Comfort

    Life for about 200,000 people packed into more than 80 schools serving as shelters in Gaza is full of deprivation and discomfort.

  3. Emergency Efforts in Africa to Contain Ebola as Toll Rises

    New measures to combat the disease included house-to-house searches, advisories against travel and the deployment of the army and the police.

  4. Ancient Haven for Refugees Sees Signs of Strain

    Struggling to accommodate the thousands fleeing civil war in Syria, the Turkish government has quietly begun moving them to camps outside of the cities.

  5. Weak Links in China’s Food Chain

    The OSI Group, one of the top meat producers in the United States with more than $6 billion in sales and about 20,000 employees in 17 countries, is enveloped in a food safety scandal in China.

  6. Gas Suspected in Fatal Blasts That Jolted a City in Taiwan
  7. French Families Challenge Doctors on Wrenching End-of-Life Decisions
  8. Inquiry by C.I.A. Affirms It Spied on Senate Panel
  9. Alibaba Is Investing Huge Sums in an Array of U.S. Tech Companies
  10. In India, Kerry to Meet New Prime Minister and Seek Improved Relations
  11. American Held in North Korea Says Health Is Failing
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