1. F.B.I. Emphasizes Speed as ISIS Exhorts Individuals to Attack

    The bureau’s strategy of patiently tracking suspected terror sympathizers has given way to a faster-moving approach amid fears about attacks on U.S. soil.

  2. U.S. and Turkey Agree to Create ISIS-Free Zone on Syrian Border

    7:32 PM ETThe two countries will clear Islamic State forces out of a 60-mile-long strip along the Turkish border, a major step toward increasing pressure on the militant group.

  3. Greece Made Preparations to Exit Euro

    The contingency plans for a possible exit from the euro began before the current leaders came to power, the former Greek finance minister said.

  4. Boy Scouts End Ban on Gay Leaders, Over Protests by Mormon Church

    8:49 PM ETThe change will head off looming discrimination lawsuits but will still allow church-based units to exclude gay adults. The Mormon Church, the country’s largest sponsor of Scout units, said it might leave.

  5. Muslims in Moscow Work to Break a Stereotype

    8:10 PM ETAs the political landscape shifts in Russia, Muslims, who were once frequently stigmatized, see an opportunity to redefine their role in society.

  6. Your Monday Evening Briefing

    5:58 PM ETOur nightly rundown will get you caught up on the day’s big stories.

  7. Beirut Journal
    Lebanese Seethe as Stinking Garbage Piles Grow in Beirut and Beyond

    Residents cited the failure of the Lebanese government to ensure adequate trash collection as proof of a dysfunctional leadership.

  8. Dutee Chand, Female Sprinter With High Testosterone Level, Wins Right to Compete

    An arbitration panel in Switzerland ruled that it was not necessary for I.A.A.F., track and field’s governing body, to exclude female athletes with high testosterone levels.

  9. The Outlaw Ocean
    ‘Sea Slaves’: The Human Misery That Feeds Pets and Livestock

    Men who have fled servitude on fishing boats recount beatings and worse as nets are cast for the catch that will become pet food and livestock feed.

  10. Issues Mount as Negotiators Gather to Wrap Up Trans-Pacific Trade Pact

    6:43 PM ETThe challenges make the prospect of closing a deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership by the end of the week highly uncertain.

  11. Hillary Clinton Lays Out Climate Change Plan

    7:44 PM ETFocusing on an issue that resonates with Democrats, Mrs. Clinton set a goal to produce 33 percent of the nation’s electricity from renewable sources by 2027.

  12. Boston’s Bid for Summer Olympics Is Terminated

    The U.S. Olympic Committee killed the city’s bid hours after Mayor Martin J. Walsh said he would not sign a document making city taxpayers liable for cost overruns related to the 2024 Summer Olympics.

  13. Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection

    She had put on her Penn Face. But living up to expectations was just too much. Dying seemed the only way out. It wasn’t.

  14. Feature
    Can the Weeknd Turn Himself Into the Biggest Pop Star in the World?

    He had millions of Internet fans for his strange, profane R.&B. Then he decided he wanted more.


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