1. Farewell, Latitude

    With the expansion of The New York Times’s international opinion report, the Latitude blog, which began in October 2011, has been retired.

  2. Powerlessness and Pretense

    Since the early days of the Soviet Union, state officials have cared more about reporting good results than achieving them.

  3. Prisoners of Pardon

    Putin’s sudden clemency marks a new step in his evolution as a dictator: He is allowing himself to be inconsistent.

  4. The People I Know Who Want to Burn Me Alive

    The special creepiness of gay-bashing in Russia.

  5. Tactical Obfuscation

    When it comes to Iran, the United States and Israel claim they agree on the strategy but differ on the tactics. Not so.

  6. The Francis Factor
  7. Mexico’s Incumbency Trap
  8. Statue Symbols
  9. Land for Peace (of Mind)
  10. A Whiter Shade of Envy
  11. The Threat to British Curry
  12. Protest This!
  13. The Shadow Politics of Shadow Education
  14. Putin’s Dead Poets Society
  15. The Only-Child Blues
  16. Crime and No Punishment
  17. Obstruction of Gossip
  18. Hooligans, Hooligans, Everywhere
  19. What Makes a Martyr?
  20. The Jon Stewart of Egypt Is Gagged