Dot Earth

  1. The New Look of Smokers’ Litter

    The cigarettes may change, but for some smokers the habit of littering does not.

  2. The Role of Social Media in Wiping Out Passenger Pigeons, and Conserving Species Now

    Social media helped push the passenger pigeon to extinction. Now they may help forestall some species’ vanishing.

  3. Politics-Minded Marine Group Targets ‘Ocean Enemy #1’

    An ocean conservation group dives into the gritty world of congressional politics.

  4. Is Rational Water Management Finally Emerging in Dry California?

    California legislators, and farmers, begin to adjust well-drilling practices to suit a drier reality.

  5. Accounting for the Expanding Carbon Shadow From Coal-Burning Plants

    A pitch for considering a lifetime’s worth of carbon dioxide emissions when examining power plants in the context of climate change.

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