Frank Bruni

  1. Obama’s Magic Three

    The president found the soul of his speech, and of our country, in a few familiar faces.

  2. Fashion, Fairness and the Olympics

    The clever Principle 6 campaign for gay rights catches fire and the attention of the fashion designer Alexander Wang.

  3. The Obamacare Rollout’s Toll

    Selling Americans on big government programs just got tougher.

  4. A Clever Solution to an Olympic Problem

    LGBT advocates think they’ve found a safe way for athletes to stand against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

  5. Gay and Fearful

    It’s not just in Russia where a gay person can feel endangered, and be attacked for no reason.

  6. An Olympic Legend on Boycotts and Bigotry
  7. The Littlest Stake Holder
  8. ‘I Do’ and the A.C.L.U.
  9. Q. and A. With Jason Collins
  10. A Dinner of My Doing
  11. Redemption’s Advocate
  12. Portman’s Progress
  13. A Pope Lets Go
  14. Carrying a Cause to the Super Bowl
  15. Examining the Support for Same-Sex Marriage
  16. Maine and Maryland Say 'We Do'
  17. Sayonara, Sununu
  18. A Milestone in Massachusetts
  19. Maine's Marriage Hero
  20. Obama Bares His Teeth